The Aquarius Ascension Programme©

The Aquarius Ascension Programme© is for the New Age that we have now entered into. For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the Age of Aquarius. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, this is the Age of Leo. 


The Programme comprises of two parts: The Aquarius Ascension© 5D Attunement, and the Lion Heart Healing© system. Both parts were channelled from the Lion People from the Sirius star system. 

The Aquarius Ascension© 5D attunement

The Aquarius Ascension programme is available to anyone and everyone who wants it (no previous spiritual training required). 

The attunement workshop 


  • A simple attunement and meditations which permanently raise your vibrational frequency to match the Earth's new 'Age of Aquarius' frequency (Northern Hemisphere). 

  • You receive a comprehensive manual and my on-going support should you need it.

  • The beauty of it is you can pass it on to other people yourself after 21 days of receiving!


The first part of the programme is taught over 1 day. The attunement works by unlocking the chakras (energy centres) from their current energy frequency (which will currently be tied to the Earth's energy from before the shift), and moving your energy up sacred internal Pyramid structures to a Gateway which will allow you access to Fifth Dimensional energy. Once there, you can then use this as a platform to continue working on yourself should you choose to.


The main benefits of this attunement include:

  • Being able to live in greater harmony with the new energy on Earth now

  • better connection to Spirit

  • Greater creativity and awareness, and 

  • Feeling more aware of your life purpose and goals in life 

Plus lots more!

Please contact me for more information on this exciting new programme!


The cost for the Aquarius Ascension attunement only and all materials including your own manual and course certificate is £75.00

Lion Heart Healing© 

Lion Heart Healing (LHH) is pure light energy from the 5th Dimension. It is a very high-frequency healing technique and it is a new technique for the new Age of Aquarius that we have now entered into. The further we progress through this Golden Age, the more we will find that there are many more energies available to us now and by raising our own vibrations we can make use of more of the new Golden Age energy. 


Our life force energy responds to our thoughts and feelings and this in turn can affect how well we are physically. LHH works by buffering our own energy and filling our physical being and our aura with light energy from the 5th Dimension. 


LHH is for anyone but is especially helpful for:


  • Those who are finding it difficult to cope with the increased intensity of energy on the planet at this time

  • Lightworkers and Starseeds (the treatment provides breathing space away from the strong energies that are on Earth at present)

  • Anyone who feels like Earth is just generally feels that Earth as it is at present is not 'Home' or they do not feel comfortable in themselves.


On a physical level, LHH helps with pain relief and with tension which can be brought on by stress. General feelings of wellness and relaxation often follow a LHH treatment which obviously has long-term health benefits.


LHH fills people with celestial 5D energy and helps the flow of their own life force energy. This boost of energy from the 5th Dimension helps people feel more at ease with navigating a passage out of the previous Age and further into the Golden Age.


Treatments can be given to both 5D attuned and non-5D attuned people.



The cost for the Lion Heart Healing system and all course materials, including your own manual and course certificate is £50.00



For both parts of the Aquarius Ascension© programme the cost for all materials including manuals and certificates is £125.00

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