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Here's a summary of what I offer, what I can help with, and some reasons to work with me. 


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Here's what some of my clients wanted to tell you!

"I have been to see Leonie for face to face tarot readings and also had a few email readings. Leonie is not only friendly and open but also knowledgeable about the tarot and I have received many an accurate reading which has helped me to make decisions and follow my path.


I have been to Reiki evenings at Leonie's which are always full of fun, laughter and healing which makes them a joy to attend.


I have also attended Meditation evenings with Leonie, where she has guided the group through some amazing visualisations to help release and relax the chatter of the mind." ~ Sarah C.

~ Chelsea B.

"I am a spiritual person and have been visiting like minded people for years for treatments like reiki, hypnotherapy, reflexology and tarot. 

When I moved to Bristol I had no contacts and looked for someone I could connect with and tried a few to no avail. I received an email one day from Leonie and a genuine pull made me contact her. I went for a chat and had a reiki/lion heart session with her and she not only centred and calmed my energy, she told me something no body else in the world knows about me other than my mother. It was a message from the Angels and it was so relevant and such a shock to hear I couldn't believe it!


I have listened to her guidance and told friends and colleagues about her and can't wait to bring someone else along with me to see her.

She is genuine and gifted. Also as a really nice girl making your visit easy and natural. 


As long as I live in Bristol she will have my custom." ~ Louise 

Zoe D. ~

Leonie Cole  -  thespirittree.bristol@gmail.com - 07807264810 

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