Purple Cloud Relaxation Script

Here is a short script for relaxation, so you can take a few moments to yourself to be calm and centred. I hope you enjoy!


Leonie xx


Purple Cloud Relaxation Script

Sit or lay comfortably and take a few deep breaths in, and out, in, and out. Allow your body to begin to gently relax. Allowing your breathing to settle into a natural steady rhythm…

As you rest here comfortably I want you to imagine yourself in a lovely cottage bedroom. There are old oak beams on the bedroom ceiling and an amber lamp on the bedside table that bathes the room in a calming, golden glow.

It has been a long, tiring day. Perhaps you're on holiday and have been walking for miles and miles and your legs are heavy and tired and you just want to sink into the comfortable bed that has been freshly laundered and prepared for you.

You are ready for bed and you wearily climb under the duvet and rest your head on the pillow.

What would be your favourite position for sleeping? Perhaps you can imagine your body in this position as you close your eyes and reflect on the events of the day…

Spend a few quiet moments now and in the silence, just follow the silver threads of your conscious awareness.

You are becoming more deeply, deeply relaxed. Still laying on the bed in the cottage bedroom, you can see your bedroom curtains are still open. You become aware of a beautiful sky-scene outside your window...

The sky is aglow with colour - there are shades of red and orange and yellow-gold, deepening to pinks and purples. The most outstanding feature is a huge purple cloud which appears to be coming closer and closer to you.

You see streaks of deep blue and dark pink running through the cloud, creating amazing and calming images that change from time to time.

Perhaps you can notice the kind face of someone you used to know so well - and you can recognise this face by its smile. Maybe now the face changes into the figure of a bird with its wings spread out as if ready for flight. And as the bird takes flight the image again changes to that of a reclining figure - someone laying on the soft fluffy cloud, feeling calm, peaceful and relaxed.

All these images seem to be welcoming you - inviting you to join them on their journey through the sky. And the cloud draws closer and closer to you. You arise from your bed and move carefully towards the window of the cottage. It is a warm summer evening and the window is ajar. You open the window fully and the cloud comes even closer to you.

Now the cloud reaches out gently to you - and all at once you experience yourself being drawn onto and into the purple cloud. Safely on the purple cloud, you begin snuggling down into the softness of the cloud which takes you up - and up - into the evening sky.

You float here for a few moments, just drifting dreamily along. Relax here for a few moments.

[Pause for a few moments and allow yourself to relax and be calm]

As you relax here on the cloud, you can feel it moving slowly back down, towards your cottage bedroom window. Back at the cottage, you step carefully back down and into your bedroom. You watch from the bedroom window as the purple cloud begins to gently float away on the evening breeze… slowly, slowly, it moves up and away, and out of sight.

Take a few deep breaths in and out, in and out, and when you’re ready, come back to normal wakefulness, eyes open.

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