Self Love Meditation Script

Hey Loves,

Here is a script for a Self Love Meditation. You can either ask someone to read it to you, or you can record it yourself on your phone and then play it back to yourself either on its own or along with some music for a complete effect.

It's so important to take time to take care of ourselves and so my wish in sharing this is that you will take some time for yourself to do just that.


Love Leonie <3

Self Love Meditation

Close your eyes. Take some nice deep breaths now, breathe in, and out. Allow yourself to relax. Let your shoulders drop and unclench your jaw. Take a full breath in, and let the breath out; … and again. Find the natural rhythm of your breath, letting it wash through you and over you like ocean waves. Begin to pull your attention inward even more, focusing on the sound and sensation of your breath. Inhale… and exhale. Notice how you are fully relaxed and conscious of your breath. Notice the pauses in your breathing. Expand into the space between your breaths. It is here that you experience your soul. Keep breathing quietly, just like this.

Now, with your mind’s eye, envision a beautiful natural scene, either from your memories, or a place you have constructed that makes you feel calm, relaxed and happy. You know this place. You have imagined it before. It could be the setting of a cherished childhood memory, somewhere beautiful you visited on holiday, or a place in the astral realm where you go to find solace. Take yourself there now. Immerse yourself in the sensory impressions, the smells, the temperature, the way your skin feels here, the sounds you hear when you’re in that space. You are back there again. You are basking in the glow of that radiant place, letting it fill your consciousness, allowing it to heal you.

And now, in this space, where you are relaxed, where you feel whole, where you feel peace, joy and love, breathe in these beautiful qualities. Just as your breath is washing over you, peacefully passing through you, peace, joy and love are permeating your being, flooding your heart. Feel the breath as if you could breathe in and out of your heart, as if the breath went out from and returned to touch the heart space. Love is from the heart. Remember, or imagine, how it feels to love and be loved, completely. When we love someone, a lover, a best friend, a child…we forget their faults so easily. We long to see them, to be with them, to touch them, and in their presence we experience the best in ourselves. We spend time alone with them, private, personal time. For the gift of their presence, we accept and forgive many offenses, many inconveniences. Love makes us forget those things. The light and heat of love, shining from the heart, burns through all resistance, sluggishness, bleakness and negativity. The light of love is constant, the warmth of love is steady, and the vibration of love is blissful. Be in love. Bathe in love. Be with the beloved, here in this space. Receive the energy of love; let it reverberate through your being. What you send out to others comes back to you. Send love out from your heart, and receive that love as it comes back to you. Breathe love in. And breathe love out.

And now you are filled with love. You have invited yourself, the beloved, into this safe and healing space. As you would welcome someone you love into your home, into the privacy of your inner room, welcome yourself into your love.

Think in your mind now: (or read aloud if at home)

“There is abundant love in the Universe. There is abundant love in me I see myself as the eternal soul I really am. I know I play an important part in this world. Give me guidance to help me see my path Give me clarity to help me see my worth. I am a Divine being and I love myself deeply, as I am worthy of the love of myself and others. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Rest comfortably in this space of love. In the presence of love, there is no need for words. Rest into the silence here, enveloped by the presence of love. You are one with yourself, in the presence of love, with a peaceful mind.

It will soon be time to come back to this room. Gently allow yourself to awaken, let your mind return to your body, allowing yourself to feel into this present moment. Take a deep breath in, and then exhale fully. Begin to slowly feel into your body. Wiggle your toes and fingers and come back to the room.

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