2019 - The Year of You

2019 – The Year of You

I’ve been undergoing a transformation for the past few months. It started really slowly, but day by day it became harder to ignore until I woke up one morning and knew I was different. And I’m not the only one. I’ve noticed it with my friends and my family too, everyone is slowly transforming into something even more beautiful than they were before. It’s so exciting to watch!

2019 is going to be a year of manifestation and magic. We know this because it’s a ‘3’ year (all the digits in 2019 add up to 3 when we keep adding to reduce it to a single number). Three is lucky, magical and is the number of creation. And so with that energy, what kinds of things can we create this year for ourselves and others? What have you always wanted to do? What weren’t you ready to do at the beginning of 2018 that you’re ready to do now?

It’s exciting because this year, the energy is actually behind us to make something new. 2018 was a challenging year for many people, and it seems we’ve had a run of a few years where the energy has tested us or tried to throw us into what I call ‘Extreme Learning’ (lol). Let’s take a super-quick look:

2015 = 8 – Expansion – This year was all about how much we could grow, where we could reach to and what had to be let go along the way in order to achieve that growth. How could we expand our horizons? What new territory could we explore?

2016 = 9 – Completion – This year we tied up loose ends, cut ties, and burned bridges. The year took no prisoners and many were left feeling like the year had been hard going indeed. I know many who joked that going forward, this would become known as ‘the year we don’t speak of’.

2017 = 1 – Beginnings – This year we started new projects, put our best foot forwards and plans into motion. We dreamed up new directions and cooked up action-plans. Though not all of them panned out, we quickly saw what would work and what wouldn’t. It was a year of starting again and again.

2018 = 2 – Partnership – This year has been about finding out who you can count on (and who you can’t) as well as solidifying and strengthening partnerships of all kinds, friendships, relationships, work colleague relations, etc. It was a year for finding balance in ourselves, in our relationships and in all areas of our life. If there was something that had to give this year, it bloody well gave!

So now 2019 has just arrived and we can take all the lessons we’ve learned from the past few years to create something truly magical. We survived this far, and bloody hard-going it was too for some of us. If you learned some hard lessons either this past year or over the past few years, I want to say well done for having hung in there. It’s going to be better and brighter this year and it’s going to be more dynamic! We can take everything we’ve learned and use that knowledge to shape something wonderful. 2019 is the Year of You.

Happy New Year everyone <3

Love Leonie xx

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