Stay Balanced! Masculine and Feminine Energies

Stay Balanced - Masculine and Feminine Energies

Many people recently who have come for sessions have needed to rebalance their energies. It must be the time of year for it because I’ve also needed to rebalance myself lately too; more-so than normal.

Everyone has a unique balance within themselves of both masculine and feminine energy, and the correct balance is different for everyone. What is perfect harmony for one person might be total chaos for the next person. Learning about your own unique blend of masculine and feminine energy is helpful so that you can take steps to feel more in harmony with yourself whenever you feel out of sorts.

The best way to check in is in meditation, but below is a quick list of some different aspects of how masculine and feminine energies play out in our lives. If you’ve been doing too much of one of the other, then chances are you may need to rebalance yourself.

I hope this table helps you to harmonise yourself this month, December especially tends to be a busy one for lots of reasons. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself, it’s essential. Remember, you’re giving people your best version of you if you’re happy and whole.

Take care and have fun!

Love Leonie xx

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