A Channelled Message from The All

Deep in meditation, I received this message and was guided to post it here for anyone that needs to hear this at this time (including myself!).

"My Love, you are so beloved. You are a beautiful, tiny speck dancing through all Creation. You are a sigh on the lips of The All.

You are such ones of strength and purity and love, but you torment yourselves so, so that you do not have to feel the pain which you know to be the illusion of separation. You know it to be an illusion, but you still feel it anyway. It is the reason you are here, and it is the reason you try to connect with others around you, not to feel so alone. You are not ever alone but you do not remember. We are always here, we are The All. You are The All. There is only The All.

You cry because it hurts, and you want to come Home. The way a baby cries when it leaves the womb. But you chose to be here, to feel, to be in rawness, the denseness, the feelings of it All. You can choose what to feel. You can dance in the rain, feel the softness of sand under your feet, the velvet of flowers, the freshness in the air after a storm, the warmth of the light in the sun. The sun should remind you, you have but to choose to step out into the light and you are Home. We hope you remember.

Remember you come from love. Love your vessel, love each other. Do not waste your moments on feeling sad, useless or in pain. These are false. They are illusions. See only the Love. We will leave you in words, but stay with you, all around you like a soft blanket of Light. This soft Light will be a balm to you. We are The All. You will be Home soon. Hush now. You will be Home soon."

Afterwards, I broke my heart for that longing once more. I felt again that peace and Oneness. I recognised that this time I have chosen to construct my life as it is, and the lessons therein.

I hope you find some peace from these words.

Love and Blessings,

Leonie xx

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