I Love Me!

852hz is the frequency of Unconditional Love. Have a listen to it here then continue reading...

The last few weeks have been an intense journey of practising Unconditional Love for myself and those around me. I really wanted to share what's happened so far in the hopes of inspiring your own Love vibrations to ripple through your life!

I had a message from Spirit recently to say that I need to up my dose of Self Love so basically I decided to intentionally do something lovely for myself at least once a week. It's not loads but it's a start and definitely a massive step up from the haphazard approach to Self Love I've had historically! So far, it's been amazing...

So 3 weeks ago, I had a fantastic massage with Toby which left me majorly blissed-out (you can find his FB page here! I totally recommend him!)

2 weeks ago I met for lunch twice with wonderful friends, went to the beautiful Reiki Share of a lady who used to be a student (details here), and then had healing with another lady who used to be a student (I 100% recommend having healing with her, she offers an awesome blend of Shamanic Mediumship Reiki! Contact her here)

Last week my gorgeous family and I went to Chessington World of Adventures and had a fantastic time reconnecting, having fun and just relaxing!

This week I treated myself to a Luxury Pedicure with the fab Corbie (You can contact her for a price-list here)

In group last week we made Love Sprays and Love Candles. The basic formula for the sprays was:

Quartz gem elixir

Alcohol (vodka)

Jasmine water

10 drops of essential oils of your choice

1/4 tsp coloured cosmetic-grade mica of your choice.

Spray around yourself and your space as much as you like to attract Love in all its forms!!

The change I have seen in myself so far has been awesome! I have been much kinder to myself in my thinking, I have seen much more abundance in my life, I've had more patience with my children and with the Mr, and I have just felt more in-tune with everything. Even Magic (my cat) has seemed more loving towards me of late! <3

Because we are all aspects of the Divine, when we honour ourselves we honour the Divine also. And because we are all connected, loving ourselves helps others to love themselves also. What have we got to lose?

I would love to hear your successes!

Lots of Love,

Leonie xx

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