6 Spiritual Spring-Cleaning Tips!

It's Fab Feb and I'm feeling the urge to Spring-clean ready for the warmer days! If like me you are looking for some quick ways to blitz the psychic dust from your spiritual and magical items, the following are my top tips for energetically cleansing your stuff!

Feel free to get cleansing objects at home, at work, when out and about, and some can be done remotely!

Sage or Smudging

This is where an object is passed through smoke (usually sage but any incense will do.) Be sure to set your intent that you are cleansing and clearing away negative and stale energy before you start smudging!

Running objects under water/cleaning in natural running water

Whilst this can visibly cleanse an object, it can also energetically cleanse objects as well. Make sure that the object can be immersed in water before doing this, for example some crystals (Selenite) dissolve in water or don’t react well to water (Malachite).

Burying objects overnight in a pot of soil

This works wonderfully for crystals and also other objects as well. Make sure that you use a pot of earth or a small area so that you don’t lose your belongings! (Yep, I've definitely lost crystals in the garden before now...) The earth transmutes the negative energy. If you're concerned about getting your things dirty, you can wrap them in a small plastic baggy first.

Sprinkling salt water over your objects

This works well if you have a number of objects that need cleansing in one go and none of the other methods are really suitable. Prep the water by mixing in salt (ordinary table salt will do but obviously if you use sea salt or Himalayan pink salt and filtered or purified water, this will be energetically ‘cleaner’), then say aloud or in your head "I empower this water to cleanse and clear my things." You don’t need to saturate everything, just lightly sprinkle the salt water over your belongings. Voila!

Saying a blessing or prayer over your items

This works because of the vibration of the spoken words and the intention behind them. This can also be done remotely by clearly visualising the objects you wish to cleanse.

Reiki-ing your items

This works because Reiki is pure positive energy and dissolves negative energy on contact. This can also be done remotely especially using the distance symbol given in Reiki level 2.

So there you go! 6 fool-proof ways to cleanse negative energies out of your belongings. Let me know how you get on, and I'd totally love to hear about other ways you've found for cleasning your things!

Love Leonie xx

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