3 Tips to Open your Third Eye (like, right now!)

3 Tips to Open your Third Eye (like right now!)

You’ve heard all this awesome stuff about energy and the unseen world and you’re thinking, “I wanna see that too! How do I use my 3rd eye? (And where in the heezy is it?!)” Well read on, and we’ll get you seeing with your brow chakra in no time!

Firstly, your third eye is the chakra located between and just above your eyebrows, in the middle of your forehead. In chakra diagrams, it’s the Indigo one. It’s not just something that sits at the front of your head, this chakra, just like your other chakras, goes through your body. It’s basically an energy centre located inside your head that can be opened and closed just like your physical eyes, to allow you to see energy.

These 3 tips will help you to open and use your third eye, allowing you to perceive energy, enhance your meditation journeys, increase your dreams, intuition, and more!

1. Wear crystals which energetically support the third eye such as Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Optic Calcite, Iolite, etc.

The colour vibration of these crystals not only supports the 3rd eye chakra, but helps to heal it, clear it and strengthen it. These crystals can be safely worn in crystal jewellery, held against the head for periods of time, or placed under your pillow while you sleep.

2. Wear, eat and surround yourself with Indigo and Purple things! If they are naturally that colour, the better.

Once again, working with the colour vibration, eating naturally purple foods and wearing purple clothes helps to strengthen your brow chakra and help you build it up like a muscle!

3. Moonbathe especially under a full moon, or bathe your third eye in moon water or crystal water.

Moonbathing is just like sunbathing but under the moon! The more skin you can get out, the better!

To make moon water, just leave some water (ideally spring water or purified water) out under the moon over night. Ideally this will be done under a full moon for best effect, although depending on your intention, any of the moon phases will work. (Waxing for bringing energy in, waning for releasing something.)

Each of these tips on their own will help you to open your third eye more and allow you to start perceiving energy more effectively, but all 3 together and you’ll definitely notice a difference!

Give them a try and let me know how you get on!

See you soon,

Love Leonie xx

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