Confessions of a Tarot Reader

Confessions of a Tarot Reader

Let me tell you, I’ve heard it all! Secret love affairs, heartbreak, envy, woes, worries and scandal! But one thing that still shocks me is that some people are too embarrassed to have a Tarot reading!

Don’t get me wrong, I know it can be a bit daunting, rocking up to my little terraced house, sitting at my coffee table with your glass of water or your cuppa, and then spilling your guts about your deepest fears and desires when you’ve only just met me. I get it. I’d feel a bit shy I reckon as well, at first. But what I want you to know is that I have honestly heard it all before, and I won’t be shocked. (And even if I was a bit shocked, you’d totally never know it.)

Having a Tarot reading is a great way to help you put things into perspective. I use it myself when I’m going through a tough patch, and it just helps me to get things a bit clearer, outline my different options and lets me know if I’m going in the right direction or if I need to do a U-turn sharpish! Plus, since it’s totally not set-in-stone, I know that if I don’t like the sound of what is likely to come, I can change my own actions which will change the course of future events. It’s a fab heads-up so I can take back control of my life!

I have to confess as well, there’s a big part of me that loves to do Tarot readings because I just LOVE the buzz of helping someone. It’s literally like sunshine breaking through clouds when someone just smiles and says that I’ve helped them to see things more clearly, or see that the have a choice in what they do next. It probably sounds cheesy but I can honestly say that if I didn’t have bills t pay I would just do this all for free. And it’s totally win-win because also for me, there’s always something new to learn with each reading. Each time I lay the cards out for someone, I get a little bit better at interpreting the signs, reading the messages of the cards, reading the energy of how the cards interact with each other and with the querent. It’s just lush <3

If you’re thinking about having a Tarot reading but aren’t sure, I promise that whatever is said in the room, stays in the room. You can choose whether or not to record your reading or make notes and you can come by yourself or bring a friend. Just to give you an idea of the types of issues people have come for over the years, I’ve read about pregnancies, love triangles, job changes, relationships starting, relationships ending, friendship troubles, creative projects, and even just general readings to hear what they most need to hear at that time.

So if you come for a Tarot reading with me, don’t be surprised if I’m grinning away like a Cheshire Cat, I will more than likely just be super excited to do your reading.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Love Leonie xx

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