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I see a lot of people each month, either in my group or for treatments, readings, etc. and one things that always gets asked at some point is about space cleansing and removing negative energies from the home. If your space is unhappy in some way, it obviously has an effect on your own health and wellbeing, and vice versa. Healing yourself is only half of the job.

You can clear your space yourself, although if you feel unsure, it may be better to have someone help you. Space clearing can be done with ordinary salt water (table salt, sea salt or Himalayan Rock Salt, mixed with warm water from the tap or kettle), or with incense, or with Sage, or Moon Water. As a basic process for space clearing, you can follow these steps:

1. Tidy your space of any clutter.

2. Prepare whatever it is you will be using to cleanse the space (salt water, incense, etc)

3. Hold the cleanser in your hands and say aloud (preferably), "I bless this water/incense and empower it to cleanse and clear my space."

4. Slowly walk through every room in your home and sprinkle or waft the cleanser around your space (for water, no need to saturate!)

5. As you walk through your home sprinkling or wafting, say "I cleanse and clear this space" imagining/knowing/visualising all the negative energy being neutralised.

6. When you are done, pour the water outside or let the incense burn down. If Sage, put it out to save some for next time.

It's basically that simple. You can of course dress it up or down as you wish.

So because our spaces affect our own wellbeing and energy, another thing to consider is the health of your space. If you work hard to heal yourself and to work on your own spiritual growth, your efforts can be somewhat impeded if you are going back into a toxic space. Cleansing the space is one great step toward the health of your space, but another great way to optimise the health of your home is by making sure there is a healthy flow of energy throughout.

A healthy space allows plenty of air and light throughout and, is uncluttered, and is harmonised. Think harmonious sounds, scents, colours and thoughtful touches in your furnishings to make sure your space is appropriate for purpose.

The principles of Interior Arrangement and Feng Shui can be applied to great effect in your space, though this is something that is most beneficial when done with help.

Other things which can hep improve your space are crystals, plants, lights and a pet.

I'd love to hear about some of the ways in which you have improved the health of your space. If you'd like help with improving the health and wellbeing of your home, please do get in touch <3


Leonie xx

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