Finding your Season

Finding your Season

Last month I shared about how it’s ok to not always be ok sometimes. About how I had come to this realisation by not being so hard on myself and giving myself the time and space I needed to breathe and to just be.

This morning I had a really awesome conversation with my Reiki Master Suzanne. She literally always just tells me straight, tells me like it is, no sugar-coating, just blunt Truth. And she’s always right and it’s always what I need to hear.

She helped me to think about my own cycles and seasons. As a woman, I’m no stranger to cycles and seasons within my own body and with the work that I do with clients and students, I am always very aware of the cycles within my own energy and my own mind. Bu this is something more; something deeper. The cycles and seasons of our years, and of our lives. Here’s the revelation point for me: Our own seasons don’t always follow the seasons of the year.

This may not seem very revelatory to you but to me this was huge! I don’t always feel brand new and hopeful in Spring, I don’t always feel like I want to reflect in the Winter. Although I had my formative years in Spiritual work following the Celtic Wheel of the Year, I don’t feel as though this resonates for me now, with who I am. My year doesn’t begin energetically at Samhain/Halloween. I don’t always feel at my peak in May.

For me, my life and my work are intertwined. To me, The Spirit Tree is not just my business, it’s a HUGE part of who I am, and a Huge part of my life. Because of this, my cycles and seasons have adjusted to flow with my business and my practice. For me, my ‘Spring’ is in September when I am flooded with creative ideas, there are many more students wanting to begin or continue their learning, and there is a lot of really constructive energy surrounding me. The school year begins and so that always brings in fresh energy from my children, and many people start new routines around this time. I feel all this and it feels right for me.

So thinking forward, I have been going through my own Winter. I have been going through my time for contemplation, reflection, stillness, quiet and calm. I have been releasing and mourning, healing and repairing. I have been resting. And my Spring is just around the corner. But it’s not here yet.

Have a think about when are your own seasons and cycles, how do they affect you in your life day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year. I am in the Summer of my life and I’m loving it. I feel alive and happy and strong, even though I am in my yearly Winter season right now. How magical will my Summers be in my Summer phase?!

There is a season and a time for all the things we need in our lives to nourish us; play, dreams, rest, love, release, work. Fighting the season does us no good. When we can accept where we are and where we need to be, all things fall in to balance once more.

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