Happy Chakras, Happy You!

June 4, 2017

Everything in our lives happens on an energetic level first, then on a mental and emotional level, and lastly on a physical level. It's often said that if something is going wrong in your life, what is going wrong within yourself as the outside world is a mirror to our inner world.


In this way, it stands to reason that if we make sure our energy is flowing as it should, and all of our energy centre (chakras) are aligned, healthy and happy, then everything in our bodies and then our outer world will follow suit.


Here are a few basic attributes of the chakras so that you can make sure your energy is balanced and centred. In doing this, you take back your power and you can be back in control of your life.  




Base/Root – Red

Blocks: Worries about money/finances, security, material items, not connecting with the Earth, someone taking something from you, fear etc.


Meditate and ask your base chakra how it's feeling.


To rebalance:  Wear Red, Brown, Bronze. Spend time outside with nature (trees, rocks and soil in particular), eat naturally red foods, follow the messages that your own base chakra gives you.


Sacral – Orange

Blocks: Lack of creativity, infertility, female problems/male problems, sexual abuse, sexual issues, issues with mother, issues with ancestors, feeling unfulfilled.


Meditate and ask your sacral chakra how it's feeling.


To rebalance: Wear Orange, Peach, Coral. Move your hips, have sex, make some art or music, allow your creativity to run free, eat naturally orange foods, follow the messages that your own sacral chakra gives you.


Power/Solar Plexus - Yellow

Blocks: Not setting boundaries, setting too many boundaries and feeling isolated, worrying what others think, self-confidence issues, giving away too much of your energy to others, never saying no, continually trying to please others.


Meditate and ask your power chakra how it's feeling.


To rebalance: Wear the colours Yellow, Gold, Lemon, Mustard. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, say No to people who are taking advantage, take action (stop procrastinating), eat naturally yellow foods, follow the messages that your own solar plexus chakra gives you.


Heart – Green 

Blocks: Not living your life purposefully, broken heart, betrayal of trust, grief, fear, not allowing yourself to receive.


Meditate and ask your heart how it's feeling.


To rebalance:  Wear the colours Green, turquoise, lime. Say Yes to things that give you pleasure (big or small), spend time quietly listening to your own inner voice, follow your passions, dreams and desires, do something nice for yourself, eat naturally green foods, follow the messages that your own heart chakra gives you.


Throat – Blue

Blocks: Not speaking your truth, saying things that aren’t true about yourself or others, ineffective communication not saying what you mean), holding back, shyness, social anxiety.


Meditate and ask your throat how it's feeling.


To rebalance: Wear the colours Blue, turquoise, baby blue, navy blue. Speak your Truth, avoid gossip and arguments, sing, make new friends, giving genuine compliments to those you encounter, smiling more, eat naturally blue foods, follow the messages that your own throat chakra gives you.



Third Eye/Brow – Indigo 

Blocks: Not paying attention to dreams, not meditating, not allowing yourself time for daydreaming, calcified pineal gland, too much alcohol, not allowing yourself to set goals, living too much in logic.


Meditate and ask your third eye how it's feeling.


To rebalance: Wear the colours Indigo and deep purple. Trust your intuition, meditate more, de-stress and relax mentally, detox from drugs and alcohol, set some goals and achieve them, allow yourself more free-flow between logic and creativity, eat naturally dark blue and purple foods, follow the messages that your own third eye chakra gives you.



Crown – Violet/White

Blocks: Not listing to intuition/guides, not paying attention to synchronicities and coincidences, low vibration activities (too much TV, porn, mass media, lack of independent thought, etc), dogma, lack of self-belief, fear of self.


Meditate and ask your crown how it's feeling.


To rebalance: Wear the colours Violet, White, Silver, iridescent white, Pearl. Listen to messages from Spirit, pay attention to synchronicities, engage in high vibration/loving activites (spending time with loved ones and friends, turning off the TV/Radio, reading, moving into a positive mindset, etc.), having a more spiritually open mindset, practising tolerance (of yourself and others!), acknowledging your own power, eat naturally white and purple foods, follow the messages that your own crown chakra gives you.







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