Manifest it all!

Sounds too good to be true, right? It's not! Below are the simple steps to take to manifest anything you want in your life. The one caveat? You've got to do the work before you get what you want!

So what exactly is Manifestation anyway?

Manifestation is taking something that exists as a thought, a dream, a wish, a prayer or a hope, and shaping it into a physical occurrence, object, situation, relationship, etc. It is shaping non-physical energy into physical energy. You become an alchemist! You attract your manifestation to you.

How does it actually work?

Manifestation works by matching your vibration to the vibration of that which you are trying to attract. Like attracts like, and thoughts become things. These aren’t just phrases that don’t mean much, they are actual laws of attraction and manifestation.

Like attracts like – Basically, if you can be on the same level as something, it will be easy for it to come to you because there will be no discernible point where you end and it begins.

Thoughts become things – This is perhaps the most important point. What you think creates your reality. If you walk around only noticing sad things, the more sad things you will see. If you see the beauty in everything, then that is what you will find more of to see. If you complain that you don’t have much money… then you won’t have. If you think that all men/women are [insert appropriate adjective!] then every one you meet will be!

Because it’s literally all in your head, the good news is you can change your thinking. It does take practise to use positive language, and have positive thoughts. How can you feel abundant when you don’t see any evidence of it yet? Gratitude is the answer. The Universe is like an echo, what you put out, you get back. If you are grateful for what you’ve already got, the Universe will send more. If you feel you already have everything you need/enough money/a fantastic partner (read ‘I’m happy in myself already’) then the Universe responds by giving you the same happy vibration; a new car, winning a holiday, meeting the perfect partner, a windfall, a wish coming true.

Basically, it’s vibration first, proof afterwards!

Do you need to do a spell or can you just think it?

Spells do help to focus your intent even more, people use things that have a vibrational match to what they are trying to attract so they might use apples and roses for love spells, or jewellery and coins for a money spell. The intention energy can be further strengthened by utilising the energy vibration of a particular day or time, date, moon phase, etc.

Of course, all you really need is to think and focus. The clearer the message you can send out, the clearer the vibration you are sending out. Repetition isn’t strictly necessary, we don’t keep messaging Amazon to check if they got our order, we place the order, we pay and then we just wait for our item to show up. The same is true with the Universe to a degree, you decide what you want, you send out your intention and match the vibration as much as you can, then you allow it to come to you.

Allowing yourself to receive something is the next most important thing when it comes to manifestation. If you don’t believe you deserve something, you won’t get it. This is where you need to work to identify and overcome your blocks.

Who can do it?

Anyone. You don’t need any special training or instruction. The difficulty comes when we overthink the process.

What can you ask for and is there a limit?

There is no limit to what you can ask for, only a limit to what you feel you deserve (either consciously or subconsciously). It is usually a great idea to build confidence first, so asking for smaller things where there is no pressure works wonders; a parking space, green lights on the way to the shops, to see three birds before you reach your destination, to have 2 letters come through the front door today, etc.

If you feel you’re being greedy, again you need to ask yourself why you feel like this as it’s a block!

What does it mean if it doesn’t work?

There was a block that you haven’t addressed, or the Universe decided that to give you what you asked for was not in your best interest in the long run. Don’t be disheartened if this happens, it’s an opportunity for gratitude for unknown crises averted! Change your ask slightly and see what happens!

Ready to get manifesting?! Go for it! Need a little help? See the Manifesting More! #Love and #Money worksheets in the Shop section to get you started!

Love Leonie xx

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