Healing the Past with Love

Heal the Past with Love

I was talking with a friend the other day and we both agreed that things we sometimes think we have let go of, or gotten over, sometimes don’t fully leave us. Sometimes they are crafty. Sometimes these events and memories and traumas hide behind layers of our conscious mind, hide behind layers of time and day-to-day stuff so that we eventually forget about them in the Now. They still lurk in the corners of the mind, underneath levels of feelings and rational thought. They fester and cling to organs, taint other memories and cast shadows on our daily behaviours and habits. They rear their ugly heads more and more frequently if not dealt with thoroughly.

If you are familiar with healing, you’ll have probably heard that negative energy causes imbalance. Energetic imbalance first throws off our thoughts and feelings, and then if left unchecked, eventually becomes manifest as an illness or dis-ease in the physical body or and upset in our outer lives. No-one is impervious to this though, even those that are in the healing arena daily still experience these setbacks every now and again, totally myself included!!

Identifying these hurts is the trick though, recognising the warning signs that something is amiss in ourselves. Once you've done that, you need to decide the best tools to use to get the most out of your healing. It may seem daunting because there are various ways that you can heal within yourself. In all likelihood, if you think back over the past month or even the past week, there is something in there which can be healed. You can totally do this yourself but many prefer to have help especially if this is the first time they are healing themselves.

Following is one way of using Love and Reiki to heal the past by yourself. If you have not yet been attuned to Reiki, simply leave out the mentions of Reiki energy and instead connect yourself to either the Love Energy from the Earth or the Love Energy from the Cosmos.

Happy Healing!

  • First, spend 10 minutes relaxing and using your favourite way (relaxing music, breath work, Reiki, etc.) to get into a meditative state. If you are attuned to Reiki, intend Reiki to flow now.

  • After you are in a deeply relaxed state think of a situation, emotion, or person that has hurt you in the past. If you are not Reiki attuned, you can write down the name of the person or the incident that you wish to heal. For those with Reiki 2 and above, in the air in front of you, draw the Distance and Emotional healing symbol 3x each. (If you are a Reiki Master draw the Master symbol first.)

  • Acknowledge what is coming, just let it sit in front of you for about 30 seconds and just let it be. Observe any emotions, memories and thoughts that surface.

  • Thank this presence for the growth it brought to your life no matter how painful it may be. Gratitude raises the vibration significantly and promotes healing, understanding and compassion.

  • Then, immediately visualise a large, radiant, pink bubble of love surrounding it. To be able to better connect with the healing power of love think of something that makes you feel at a high vibration/happy. This could be a favourite holiday, favourite song, your pet, a loved one, etc. Allow this loving energy from this good thought to wrap around the bubble of the unpleasant event from your past. Visualise the loving healing energy radiating right through the bubble and soaking the past situation in pure love.

  • If Reiki trained, draw 3 emotional healing symbols on the unpleasant event here. Be sure to follow with the power symbol to activate. Then, send Reiki and/or loving energy to the bubble for 5 minutes.

  • At the end of the 5 minutes visualise the bubble with the unpleasant event from the past start to rise into the sky. Watch it slowly and gently float up higher and higher.

  • Once it is so high up that you can barely see it, visualise that it is so full of love from all of the Reiki and love energy that was sent to it that it bursts into a million pieces of bright pink light. Watch the sparkles float gently down to Earth to love and nourish you and your life.

This may take a couple of tries to completely feel as if you have removed the negative energy, but it is incredibly effective. Once you’ve healed one issue, you will probably find that you have others you would like to heal. You may even feel confident enough to take a friend through this process so that they can heal something for themselves too. Have fun with it, try different colours of bubbles and light and see what you like best.


Love Leonie xx

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