It's January, and I'm grounded!

It’s January, and I’m grounded!

After all the build-up and expectation, the shopping, the gifts, the parties, the decorations, the food, the drinks, and the expectation to wear a plastic frozen-in-place smile on your face & have that wholesome goodwill in your heart 24/7, January can seem like a massive effing crash back to reality after the sugar-rush high of December.

January is, to many, the hangover after decadent December; the proverbial Monday of the year, the longest month until payday. And it’s so bloody looooooong… whilst simultaneously it’s over just like that and we’re in February already asking how is it nearly Valentine’s Day already and why are there all these hearts and shiz in the shops when it was Xmas etc. just a minute ago!

Many of us (totally myself included) start the year with the best of intentions, making idealised plans and pie-crust (made to be broken) resolutions for the coming 12 months which we might not keep but we try anyway because that’s the ‘done’ thing, right?

But what if it didn’t have to be? What if, instead of making all these rash decisions about what we are going to act like, look like, dress like, and what’s going to happen, instead why don’t we take each day one day at a time? What if we just did ‘Now’?

Living in the present moment sounds like a really woo-woo concept and to be fair, it kind of is, but it’s a really cool one. Basically, when all of our energy (our thoughts, our actions, our words, etc.) is focused in the present, we are living correctly because we’re not worrying about the future or the past, we’re not regretting things we’ve done/haven’t done/could have done better, and we’re not despairing at the worst-case-scenario of something that hasn’t even happened yet and still might not.

I’m not saying to completely throw goals and plans out of the window, (far from it, it’s incredibly healthy to set some goals then remain focused to reach them,) but what I am saying is don’t get caught up in planning and worrying and perfecting that you miss the Now. Stay grounded. Stay present.

Here are some great tips for helping you stay in the here and now:

1. If you find your concentration wandering away from an important task, take a break, get some fresh air, have a rest! Guaranteed you’ll be more productive and you’ll be able to get back on-task if you just take a breather.

2. If you feel really spacey and floaty, stand barefoot on the ground for a minute or so (N.B. If you want to do this outside, I’d say probably no longer than a minute in this weather though or you’ll be super cold!). Visualise roots growing down from your feet and into the earth below you. Feel yourself being anchored.

3. Paint your toenails brown, red, bronze, or any other stable and earthy colour as this connects with your base chakra. This is great because it’s something that you can do mindfully, and then when you look at your toes you’ll also remember why you painted them that colour, thus re-establishing the grounding effect!

4. Eat or drink something natural. This re-establishes your link to the Earth and helps to ground you.

5. Move your body in some way, stamp, clap, or be loud. Talk about everyday things. These are all things people don’t usually want to do when they’re feeling ungrounded but that’s exactly why you should do them to ground yourself. It puts you back in your body and back in the here and now.

6. Go do something fun! Laughter and joy are the best ways to experience being present. You are totally in the moment and all of your energy is in the Now when you are having fun.

You can totally make it through January and, dare I say, even enjoy it! It’s all about balance; make changes if you want to but also remember to be here now.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this! You can contact me at or find me on Facebook!

Love Leonie xx

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