5 Ways to tell if your Psychic is Authentic

5 Ways to tell if your Psychic is Authentic

Many times over the years I’ve heard horror stories from people about how they were conned or duped or even manipulated by Psychics in the past and that it’s made them highly sceptical and even fearful now. This makes me so sad because there are so many of us out there who are genuine Psychics, who have a heart-felt desire to help people and give comfort to those who are going through a hard time.

Here are 5 ways that you can tell whether a Psychic or Reader is the real deal!

They explain to you what will happen in the session

This is a must with my clients, personally. I make sure that the person is clear on what service they are paying for, that they understand the limitations of the session, how long the session will last, they understand that there are no hidden costs, etc., and they are happy to go ahead with the reading. I also take some time to debunk any myths about readings such as that I’m possessed, or I’m chatting with evil spirits, etc.

Or if it’s a Tarot Reading, I make sure the client knows that the Death card doesn’t mean actual death, the Devil card doesn’t mean the Devil, and that tarot is just a snap-shot of as things stand right now, this is the most likely outcome, but that it is subject to change depending upon their actions (which is awesome if they get cards that aren’t so great)! A good reader shouldn’t object to you asking questions to find out the parameters of the session if you are unsure about anything.

They offer no judgement towards you

When visiting a psychic reader, it ought to be a safe space, free from judgement. A good Psychic will leave their own opinions and judgements outside the door so that it does not affect the reading.

Over the years, I’ve heard all sorts of things that people have admitted to doing, confided that they want, and expressed wishes for. It’s not my place as a Psychic to say what I think about someone else’s actions; a reading is a safe space for someone to explore their options from where they are now. It’s a space for allowing someone to make their own decisions, without worrying about what I think or about how I feel about it. A good Psychic Reader will never project their own issues on to you.

They don’t sugar-coat things

If you ask your reader a question and they can’t give you an answer, don’t automatically assume they don’t know what they’re doing. A good psychic will be honest about their abilities and if they’re unable to answer a particular question, they’ll tell it like it is. Sometimes it’s better that some things remain a mystery.

Similarly, if you happen to get cards come up that aren’t great (it happens), or you ask a question and your Psychic has information that might not be what you want to hear, if they’re good and genuine, they’ll just be level with you and call it as they see it. Bad news ahead of time is better than an unpleasant shock when you were expecting otherwise! If you know ahead of time, you can plan and usually avert whatever’s coming. If you don’t know because your Reader was scared to tell you, then, to be frank, they’ve done you a disservice.

They don’t scare or threaten you

I wouldn’t dream of scaring a client. A good psychic reader won’t do anything to scare or threaten you – despite what you might see on the telly or in films. Let’s face it, a pleasant reading with some good news and some lovely surprises doesn’t make for dramatic TV so you’ll often see the Death card meaning a real death or usually murder, and so on. Your reading should be relaxed, but if you’re new, a few nerves your end are normal. A good Reader will put you at ease as soon as possible. If they intimidate you for effect, give them a miss.

If your Psychic tries to convince you that your life is going to pot unless you a) have more readings with them, b) see them for x spell or y charm, c) buy some other service from them, or d) all of the above, again steer clear and don’t give in. Some psychic readers do this to try and get more money out of their clients. Annoyingly, it usually works because people will pay a lot of money to have curses lifted, unaware that these black spells don’t actually exist. Or worse still, it’s something that the Psychic has done so that they are the only one who can remove it. Go with someone who has done readings for people you know, or who has good testimonials. If neither of these, pick someone who you have a good gut feeling about. A simple chat before booking anything should help you to decide.

They encourage you to make your own choices

As I mentioned before, a reading should be a safe space to explore options. If you are looking for your Psychic to hold your hand and make an action plan for you, you might be a bit disappointed. A good psychic reader will encourage you to make your own decisions in life and venture down a path of your own choosing. They might give you a nudge in the right direction while giving you an insight into what could lie before you, but they’ll never actually tell you what to do, it should always be your choice. Nor should a Reader tell you that a particular choice is wrong, again it’s got to be your choice.

As I see it, as a Psychic Reader, it’s my job to help you understand what the options are so that you can make an informed choice; it’s not my job to choose for you or force you down a path that you don’t want to take.


Hopefully this has helped to shed a little bit of light on what to look for (and look out for) when choosing a Psychic Reader. Alternatively, you could also learn to read/connect for yourself if you wanted to, as it’s something that anyone can learn to do!

I would love to hear about your different experiences, both good and not-so-good with Readers. You can email me at thespirittree.bristol@gmail.com or find The Spirit Tree - Bristol on Facebook!

Love Leonie xx

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