Stop Ignoring your Body!

Our bodies are fantastic because they are constantly trying to do the best job they can! That job includes healing cuts, scrapes and bruises, making sure our organs are functioning properly, and keeping our hearts beating.

As well as doing all this, our physical bodies are antennas for energy. They can pick up when something is not quite right around us, as well as tell us when something is not quite right inside. But do we always listen to the deeper message being conveyed?

So what exactly is your body telling you? And how does it do it? Why does illness occur?

Illness occurs in the physical body because of energy imbalance. Life Force energy which is what keeps us alive, moves around our bodies through meridians and chakras. When we have negative thoughts and feelings, this causes a blockage in our energy flow. If this is something which happens often, if it is not addressed, this can lead to illness as we experience a weakening of these parts of our bodies as they are not receiving the normal flow of Life Force energy.

What does short term illness mean?

Short term illnesses such as coughs, colds, headaches, mild infections, etc normally respond fairly quickly to addressing energy imbalance. These kinds of illnesses happen because of a temporary weakening in our energy flows, which can happen due to having a negative interaction with someone that we then allow to affect us, spending time around negative people who drain us, thinking badly of ourselves/ limiting beliefs, arguments, negative energy in living or working spaces, or not auctioning something our bodies are asking us to action (not speaking our truth leading to a sore throat, not setting boundaries leading to upset stomach, etc).

What do long-term and chronic illnesses mean?

This is a controversial subject as most people do not like to accept that they are the ones who have caused their illness. Louise Hay, who had cancer, posited that cancer was caused by extreme, unreleased and therefore stagnant anger. (You can Google this for yourself!)

The simple fact is that everything is energy. Peptides in our bodies which respond to our emotions then go on to program and restructure cells in our bodies. Literally, we are what we think and feel. Over a long period of time, you can see how this then becomes how we shape our own bodies in both a positive and a negative way.

Having a long-term of chronic illness is therefore an indicator that something needs attention and addressing in our thought patterns and beliefs. So the good news is, you have the power to fix it!

What do certain illnesses in certain areas indicate?

Here is a short list of some of the places that illness can manifest and what it can mean. This is not an exhaustive list, and certainly it's not going to be exactly right for everyone but it should give you an idea of the way in which your body talks to you:

Headaches – Pressure and stress in this life, or possibly from Past Life trauma.

Sinuses – Pressure applied by someone close, usually ourselves. Getting in your own face about an issue.

Eyes – Not wanting to see something, or fear of not being seen/valued.

Ears – Not being heard or not wanting to hear something.

Nose – Not willing to look at a situation that is very close to you.

Teeth – Fear or inability to speak your truth.

Neck – Inability to view things from another perspective or viewpoint.

Shoulders – taking on too much responsibility

Back – Not feeling supported, especially lower back, or taking on too much responsibility, or blame.

Chest (Breathing) – Not taking part in life, being afraid of life, or feeling constricted and not able to move freely. Possibly issues from a Past Life.

Heart – Not having healed a broken heart, having been hurt emotionally, problems with love life.

Stomach (Digestion) – Holding emotions in and not being able to ‘stomach’ something or ‘digest’ words or thoughts, either yours or someone else’s.

Bowels – Fear of letting something go, issues with eliminating waste from your life.

Hips – Resistance to moving in the desired direction. Possibly issues around sexuality, or sexual expression. Possibly not feeling supported.

Legs – Resistance to moving forward. Being stuck in the past.

Knees – Parental issues, typically left is the side of Mother and right is the side of Father. Where this is not the case, knee issues are associated with not wanting to step forward, left being the past and right being the future.

Feet – feeling unsure about a situation, having second thoughts and self-doubt. Resistance to moving in a new direction.

Hand – Issues around giving and receiving.

Face – How you present yourself to the world and others, which is ultimately a reflection on how you view yourself.

As mentioned before, this is not an exhaustive list. Maybe some of it is ringing true for you already?

So what can be done to rebalance our meridians and chakras, and therefore tackle illness?

First and foremost, gratitude must be given to the condition for manifesting as a signal that something needs to be actioned. Secondly, there must be an acceptance of the condition, as once we make up our minds to ‘fight this cold’ or ‘move through the pain’, we set ourselves up against the system of our bodies which is designed to help us, not to hinder us.

To rebalance your chakras or the affected area of the body, it is advisable to connect in to your body and simply ask it what it would like you to do. This may seem overly simple but this is exactly what your body wants to happen. It wants you to pay attention to something. If you stop and take a pause to pay attention to your body, it will tell you what needs to be actioned.

Next, if it is a chakra area that is affected, you can rebalance the area by eating foods of the appropriate colour, wearing the appropriate colour on that part of your body, or receiving healing (either from yourself or someone else).

If it is a specific task that needs to be actioned, the illness will not go away until you have done what your body is asking you to do. If you keep getting a sore throat for example and your boss is putting too much pressure on you at work, maybe you need to speak up about this? If you keep needing a stronger and stronger prescription of glasses for being far-sighted, what is it in the present that you don’t want to see? The same for being short-sighted, what is it in the future that you don’t want to see? Issues around your stomach and solar plexus chakra could be to do with setting boundaries due to not being able to stomach someone taking advantage. Find out what is going on in your body and take positive action. Repeat as necessary.

**Be Sensible** If you are suffering from an illness, please go and see your GP. If it’s an emergency, go to A&E. Be sensible. Holistic therapy and techniques should always go hand in hand with mainstream medicine.

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