How to connect to the Spirit World

We all have the ability to connect to the Spirit World, that includes connecting to the Source/God/the Universe, our Guides, our Angels, and those that have passed on. It is not the remit solely of a select chosen few, or those who have undertaken years and years of disciplined study. There are loads of ways, especially now post-2012, that allow you to connect easily and clearly, and to be able to receive coherent messages, direction and clarity instantly. Practise does make perfect though!

Just like radio signal (in the old days before digital!!) we had to tune our radio and be still so that we got good reception. The same is true for ourselves; messages and communication from Spirit travel great distances and so we need to be still, and allow for as few blockages to the ‘transmission’ as possible. This means practise and inner stillness (not necessarily physical stillness,) are very important.

So how do you actually go about doing this? Well, a few ways to connect include meditation, drumming, chanting, dancing, and so on. There are actually many, many more ways than this, all depending on what works best for you personally, and who/what you’re trying to connect to in the Spirit World.

One of the most popular ways of connection in many modern spiritual circles is through meditation, though this is not a new practise, it is an ancient one. Drumming, chanting and dancing can be utilised by those who resonate with indigenous and shamanic practices, but they can be used by anyone, and in a variety of different situations for example, maybe you’ve been in ‘the zone’ whilst dancing in a nightclub to your favourite song, or if you play an instrument, again maybe you’ve been in’ the zone’ whilst playing the drums, etc. Artists and Creatives often talk of being in the zone when creating, as does anyone who focuses on something to the point where it fills them entirely for a short time. Orgasm is also another point of connection (in fact there is an entire practise based around Sacred Sex). The point is, anyone can connect in whichever way moves them.

Some practical examples of things to try include, but are not limited to:

Writing/Automatic writing





Chanting and singing



Anything that is repetitive/ has a repetitive motion e.g. digging, sawing, kneading, running, knitting, etc.

These ways of connecting allow us to let our consciousness (the awake part of ourselves) to move upwards closer to Spirit so that we are able to connect more easily with the Spirit World.

The main thing to remember when trying to find the best way (or ways) that you connect is to find something that you enjoy doing, or that makes you happy and relaxed (or hyped, depending on what activity you’ve chosen!). Find that thing that puts you in ‘the zone’. That will be a fantastic starting point!

Happiness is part of the Love vibration and so being in that vibration of energy/feeling that feeling, is a brilliant way to bring you closer to the Spirit World.

I would love to hear about your experiences of trying any of the above, or about any times where you've totally been 'in the zone' and felt that connection with everything/everyone around you! You can email me at or find The Spirit Tree - Bristol on Facebook!

Happy Connecting!

Love Leonie x

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