Lemurian Awakening and the Telos Helaing System

It is often said there are no such thing as coincidences, only the synchronicity of our Destinies.


The continent of Lemuria was once vast, although all that exists now are a few surviving outposts: The Hawaiian Islands, New Zealand, Madagascar, Easter Island, Mount Shasta in California and Fiji. It is said to have been a land of peaceful existence without war, fear, or lack and where people lived in harmony with all the other beings of the earth, sea and sky. 


Many of you have, (as have I,) felt the pull of the lost land of Lemuria. There is a longing for a homeland that we can't quite remember, but that still exists in the mists of our distant ancestral and cellular memories. It is no coincidence that you are here on Earth at this time. And you already know why you’re here at this time, but I believe I can help you to REALISE that you know why you’re here. Join me as we come together to remember our time in Lemuria, to remember why we're reincarnated at this time, and as we reawaken to our Life Purpose. 

Working with the original Lemurian chakras (in different positions to where our normal 7 chakras are), we will reawaken our energy and allow ourselves to grow into our fullest potential, to rebirth ancient knowledge and wisdom and to give you some fantastic tools for healing yourself and others with the Telos Healing System. 


Where will your Lemurian Awakening take you? What will you remember? Will you help others remember? Will you be a Guardian for the Lemurian Mysteries? 


Come back to Lemuria with me, so we can go forward!


If you would like to book a Lemurian Awakening Ceremony the cost is £150 which includes 2 days of teaching, as well as a comprehensive manual and a certificate. Please contaqct me to book or have a look at our Events page to see when the next Ceremony is being held.

Leonie Cole  -  thespirittree.bristol@gmail.com - 07807264810 

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