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Book and YouTube

YouTube Channel - Psychick TV

Check out my YouTube channel here!


Tarot, Oracle Readings, Guided Meditation, Energy Updates, Channelled messages from my Guide and hopefully tons more for 2021 and beyond!


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Book - Journeys under The Spirit Tree

Book Cover.png

I wrote a book!


"Ever wanted to really get inside someone’s head? Do they see the same things as you? What about during daydreams? Or meditations? What about during trances? And is it something anyone can do? (It totally is, by the way!)


In Journeys under The Spirit Tree, Meditation & Spiritual Development Teacher and Reiki Master Leonie Cole, shares a selection of her own meditation experiences spanning 10 years, as well as tips for trying meditation for yourself, and some of her own meditation scripts for your own use. If you’re ready, the Universe is your oyster!"

£5.99 paperback

£3.99 on Kindle

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